Portal Web Development

Portal web development has become an essential element in transforming B2B and B2C businesses. We at Apni Udaan ensure businesses finding custom web development portals find a winning solution for their management, sales and revenue goals. We develop web portals by turning our client’s ideas into a real virtual platform with the help of our exceptional team and resources.

Portal web development is a multi-dimensional operation of expertise and knowledge at various levels that makes sure to bring desired results time after time. Apni Udaan gives end to end solutions based on immense experience to create engaging and effective web portals for our clienteles. Apni Udaan’s creative and result-oriented web portals are handsomely made to maintain essential unique brand identity and visibility of the business.

what we do

We bring different web portals for our clients that includes B2B, B2C and Vendor web portals. We also cater to specific needs like job portals, travel portals or anything which can help any business owner conduct his or her business efficiently.

Here are portals we deliver-

Vendor Portal A vendor portal allows a business for direct information exchange with vendors in real time. To improve vendor self service and thus minimize overload of vendor management along with operating costs, our portals offer-

  • role-based access control
  • information and submission of verifications, and details of profile updates by vendors
  • delivery dates setup and updates
  • direct e-invoice submission
  • inquiries about payments and invoice statuses
  • Statistics about previous purchases and supplies.
  • claims settlement
B2C Customer Portal

If you want to sell consumer goods or provide services, a self-service portal acts as a right resource for having long-lasting relations with clients. Taking usability parameters like response time, credibility, navigation, and content as essential requirements, we make you assured your web portal will be accomplished with a range of functions-

  • Tailored order placement (e.g. custom services created with user participation)
  • Order and service management (e.g. activating or deactivating a service)
  • Broad range of choices of secure payment options
  • Account, purchase and payment history review
  • Reporting and statistics, and more

We give the pleasure of a rich industry experience and advanced technologies creating a combination of appealing and convenient interface with robust B2C portal capacities.

B2B Customer Portal

Our B2B web portals are made to drive satisfaction to customers by streamlining online sales and save costs. These web portals allow customers for self-service, and therefore they include robust tools for every member of a customer’s buying centre in order to-

  • Allow customers’ purchasing managers to place, track orders, report generation and manage services.
  • Allow customers’ technical specialists to get your guides and other resources, troubleshoot the problems efficiently.
  • Allow customers’ financial managers to check balance, status of invoices and payments, etc.

Our B2B web portals focus on minimizing the burden of business management and rendering a valuable service to your clientele businesses.

Apni Udaan has been serving its clients for portal web development requests for years and brought many happy customers to its customer base. We would be happy to serve your request as well.

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