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Mobile commerce and mobile browsing are two important factors when a business starts preparing strategies for targeting potential prospects. Year by year, the use and imperativeness of mobile commerce have grown. In the coming years, the demand will much higher as voice searching would be the next big thing in the internet marketing world. Now, there is a question, are you left behind in the race or not able to target your prospects through mobile capacities. Don’t worry, where there is a will, there is a way!

We at Apni Udaan develop a solid mobile presence that is accessible on all sorts of handheld devices. We put all our experience on the table to design a mobile web interface that robust in showing your products and services to the most possible buyers.

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Apart from this, we also make sure that your mobile website is not platform-dependent and a competitive edge over your competitors.

Mobile Designing and Development

Get a uniquely designed compatible mobile website from us. We design and develop mobile websites that are operational on all handsets with user-friendly navigational structure.

Mobile SEO

Apart from creating a mobile website, we also optimize that website based on Mobile SEO so whenever a mobile search is done related to your products or services that website comes on the top of the search list.

Application Development

If you are an e-commerce or services provider, the value of mobile apps gets higher. We create Android, iOS and other apps that help drive more traffic towards your site.

Social Media Integration

We not only optimize your website according to SEO guidelines but also integrate into different social media channels. This way you can have diverse marketing and find more customers.

Get AMP Google also focuses on adding speed and efficacy to page loading. Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP help you reduce the bounce rate of your website to enhance your website traffic. We offer a flawless experience to mobile users with our AMP design services.

Our Mobile Web Design Goals-

Keep it User-Friendly

Mobile users love those sites which are easy to load and operate. Our designing include less scrolling, creating defined hierarchy in menus and showing prominent search display box.

Reduced Loading Time-

Mobile users like to see websites opening quickly. As such we create mobile websites that have reduced loading time, better say a standard loading time and allow swift navigation from one page to another.

Find Thumb-friendly Buttons

We add large and centered buttons with specified space to head off accidental clicks. We also incorporate smaller buttons to increase the clickable area. Thumb-friendly buttons enhance the experience of users.

Apni Udaan with its Mobile Web Designing services and features not only focuses on giving the desired product but also ensures our clientele’s business keeps grooming and growing. We would love seeing your business flourishing and furnishing customer’s requests effectively.

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