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Digital marketing is an assortment of various procedures that en route a viable promotion of a website, brand, product or service on different platforms. Internet marketing gradually progressed in India and today there are over 460 million internet users in India or you can also say 10.1% of the overall population is engaged in taking benefits of online access. Currently, India is the second largest online market, just behind China and by 2021, the expected number of internet users will become 635.8 million and hopefully we will precede China as well.

The way internet marketing has risen in last few years, it has encouraged almost every sector to join the web. But creating a website does not complete the digital promotion; in fact, one has to take all internet marketing procedures sincerely to do so. Internet is boundless, swift and takes your message across the world in seconds so going for web marketing could be a valuable decision for your business.

Digital marketing incorporates SEO, SMO, PPC, and ORM as major procedures. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is free and most used internet marketing technique. SMO or Social Media Optimization takes the inputs of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. PPC or Pay per Click is a pure and the quickest online marketing procedure that assures wide visibility and profitability. ORM or Online Reputation Management ensures that your brand name has been preserved and kept away from any obligation.

Apni Udaan, a Delhi-NCR based leading digital marketing company has been serving its clients for years with its potential team for internet marketing reasons. We are known for proficiency and assured results that are highly needed while fetching SEO, SMO and PPC like services.

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SEO - Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most used and preferred internet marketing procedure incorporating two types of optimization, on page and off page. On page optimization is used to analyze the health and promptness of site which are needed for commencing off page activities. On page where include adding of Meta title, description and alt to the back-end page of the website, off page focuses on content creation using keyword research and analysis procedure. Comments and RSS feeds are other features of SEO technique. It also focuses on keeping the ranking of the website on the top SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page).

SMO - SMO or Social Media Optimization includes optimization of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and others. SMO is preferred for quick promotion and catching the targeted audiences with the effective promotion. SMO gets best possible customers for the business.

PPC - PPC or Pay per Click involves campaign creation using relevant keywords and thus promoting them in the right zone of targeted audiences. PPC is the most assured internet marketing procedure for turning a prospect into a client. Visibility of campaigns is immediate and effective. Google charges less per click and gives back higher profits to business and you can completely rely on this for guaranteed results.

ORM - ORM or Online Reputation Management is much essential for them whose image has been damaged or hampered. Sometimes products and services are falsely targeted and their negative images are created. To remove or send them down to SERP, ORM is used. One can obtain repair or building of reputation by removing negative comments and reviews.

Apni Udaan provides all above services under the head of “Digital Marketing”. We are a one-stop destination for total internet marketing solution which involves building your name to keeping them protected on the search engine. We would be delighted to cater your business needs with perfect solutions. .

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